Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My Queen of Sweden

One of my favourite rose from my garden "Queen Of Sweden" with beautifull bloom and sweet fragrance...i bought it from one of the nursery at Sg. Buloh...comes in small terracotta pot for RM 35...I was quit shocked with the price since the plant was not so healthy when i first bought it...i did change the plant to a bigger pot and do some soil maintenance frequently ...now the plant looks more healthier with more  buds and green leaves...:)

Queen of Sweden (Austiger)

David Austin Recommended Variety

: Potted English Roses/ (Potted English  Rose Collection
Bred By
: David Austin
Flower Type
: Double/Full Bloom
: Hardy
: Light
: Good

Here we have a rose of exceptional freshness and beauty. The flowers start as charming little buds opening to half-enclosed cups - and gradually become more shallow but still incurved cups.

They have a strict formality throughout, which greatly adds to their beauty. Their colour is the softest glowing pink with hints of apricot later. They are beautiful at all stages.

The growth is short to medium in height; rather upright and bushy, with small, Musk Rose foliage that is exceptionally free of disease.

This is an excellent rose for arrangement in the house; the flowers lasting several days in water.

There is a light myrrh fragrance.

3.5 ft. x 2.5 ft.


  1. Gorgeous rose Ms Wani!! I love them. Did you say disease-free? My garden are infested by leftovers pest, even my ros kampung is dying. Quite frustrating you know. And I've always dreamt of having a rose garden, looks like it will just be a dream after all..sigh!
    Anyway, congratulations, your roses are outstanding :)

  2. Hello dear..compared with other rose plants, I think QOS is tend to free from pest infection. I do not deny planting roses is not that easy since this plants is easily infect by insects and fungus, but the passion for this flower makes me continue as well. Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog...beside u have a awesome blog too :)

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    1. Terima kasih sudi singgah blog kita...u have a nice blog too :)

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