Friday, 20 July 2012

My First Rose Plant

I used to hear that many people says their first rose plant is usually dies after some times because of lack knowledge in growing roses, but I am so lucky to say that my first rose plant is still with me even though I started to growing roses in my garden with not much knowledge as well. But my first rose plant has changed in terms of color, shape and smell might be because of the changes of climate and sun shine and water supplies that various from the nursery and my home... but I am still happy because it is still giving beautiful blooms each time...:)

Hibrid pink ros with layered patels

Same Hybrid pink rose with less patels and bigger in size with mild fragrant

Royal Town Rose with light yellow colour and smaller in size with no smell at all when i first bought it

The same Royal Town rose with second batch flower, bigger size bloom with more yellowish in colur and mild fragrant as well


  1. Lubię żółte róże. Niech Ci wszystkie Twoje w ogrodzie pięknie rosną. Pozdrawiam.
    I like yellow roses. May you all your garden grow beautifully. Yours.

  2. También me gusta el amarillo se levantó.
    hehehe..aku juga sangat sukakan ros kuning.salam puan.

    1. Salam...ros kuning kegemaran saya juga...:)